This Association, who brings together thousands of patients who suffer from pain, will fight to prevent the Administration from “tripping” Spanish patients who are suffering from pain Madrid, 23/12/2019.- From November the 1st, the Ministry of Health assigned a special

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People with TMJ Disorders have several problems for eating

23/09/2016.- The pain and jaw dysfunction associated with Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) can impact your ability to chew and swallow food. How and what you are able to eat can seriously compromise your nutritional and health status – an aspect of

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How does parents’ chronic pain affect their children?

9/07/2016.- Parenting is a tough job. It’s hard enough when things are going well imagine trying to parent while experiencing chronic pain. One mother with chronic pain, Sarah Erdreich, described her experiences with parenting her two-year-old daughter in a recent

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TMJ is a complex disease occasionally linked to inflamatory illnesses

26/06/2016.- A recent article that appeared in Current Rheumatology Reviews by a Spanish and a Scandinavian author* underscores the complexity of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). The authors note that these painful conditions have been discussed for over 70 years without reaching

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The Health Department will give Ataluren to the three children of Aragon with a year and a half of delay

5/6/2016 Good news!! Last Friday the three children from Aragon who weren’t accesing to the medication they could’ve had a year and a half ago for compassionate use to adress their Neuromuscular degenerative condition, received a call from the Ministry

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“Suffering this illness is like going to war. You can´t afford to fall into depression because you are fighting for other people”

Interview with Carlos Mateo-Sagasta, Volunteer of the Association of Patients with Neuropathic Pain. Carlos is affected with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and capable of transmitting his strength, energy which sometimes, seems to not belong to this world.   Carlos Mateo-Sagasta. Testimony,

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Risk Factors for Chronic Facial Pains

The following article includes excerpts from a Missouri State University news article about the work of Dr. Paul Durham, who has participated in past TMJA scientific meetings. Lindsey Koop, a biology graduate student, has been investigating the role of increased

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Need an All Titanium TMJ Implant?

Increasingly over the past several years patients with temporomandibular total joint implants have been telling us that they have become sensitive to a material, or materials in the implants. The most common material they’re sensitive to is nickel. The implant

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Doctors come up with new customized treatment plans for different types of AUTISM

During the 5th and the 6th of November 2015, the VI International Congress of West Syndrome Foundation was held in which some of the best international and national clinical specialist in childhood epilepsy and autisms have participated Doctor Agustin Legido

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