To join our team of volunteers, send us an e-mail to the following address: aepa@pacientesatm.com

Attach your CV and let us know whether you’re available in the morning or afternoon. The association’s positions are all voluntary and not paid. You may contribute one hour or more of your time. There is not a minimum or maximum number of hours you may contribute.

Projects for which we need volunteers:

1.”Give me Your Hand Project” is a program where, in severe diseases, volunteers may accompany patients who cannot manage on their own to the specialist.

2. For the program ¨Regala una Sonrisa¨ volunteers can help search for corporate sponsors in order to create a small not for profit clinic for tutoring patients.

3. Volunteers can translate specialized health articles.

The board of directors evaluates all candidates. Upon request, certification of your contribution and description of your activity can be provided. The deeds we must fulfill are many and diverse. Take action now!

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