Our Activities

1. Informing and Propagating Functions:

It is demonstrated that being informed about an illness can put one at ease and has a pain-relieving power greater than any drug. Not knowing about the different symptoms and how to relieve them produce a feeling of unease and anxiety. Our association supports patients and their families, offering them help on both humanitarian and informative issues.

Through our association, patients can get informed about the diseases that are central to our entity. We offer access to information and documentation about the advantages and disadvantages of all possible treatments that are currently used to relieve pain, treat, or eradicate a patients symptoms, including chronic cervical muscular, cranial, or cervical pain, dizziness, tinnitus, difficulty with opening or closing the mouth, obstructions in the opening of the mouth with or without reduction, tooth loss, bruxism, neuropathic pain, and trigeminal neuralgia.
In some cases, we may be able to provide members with documentation and scientific articles.

2. Search, Selection, and Making Agreements with Medical Professionals with Diverse Experience in Our Core Diseases:

As character is a primary objective of the association, each year collaborative agreements are made with doctors who would like to make therapeutic contributions to combat these illnesses. Likewise, we are also negotiating collaborative agreements with large pharmaceutical companies that may be able to provide, through their Medical Department, new pharmaceutical advances internationally-tested in neuropathic pain therapies. Supporting research is our priority.

3. Education and Guidance Functions:

The association organizes conferences, seminars, speakers, and symposiums about these pathologies and their symptoms for qualified staff, patients, and the general population. Also, the association is willing to do information sessions in collaboration with public or private hospitals about diseases where neuropathic pain exists.

4. We would like to establish a reference center in Madrid

where all people affected, directly or indirectly, by these diseases could be treated in the appropriate manner following a protocol for a treatment plan designed for their specific needs. These illnesses require a multidisciplinary approach from specialists who ¨speak the same language¨ and offer the best treatment. Specialists include odontologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, physiotherapists, neurologists, and psychologists. This project has been named ¨Regala una Sonrisa¨® (¨Give a Smile¨). Our intention is that this team of specialists provides easy access to all existing treatments following a controlled and regulated protocol. Furthermore, this team’s goal is to improve the quality of live of individuals who suffer from craniomandibular disorders, any temporomandibular joint pathology, orofacial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and/or neuropathic pain.

5. Research Functions:

The association allocates part of its revenues towards developing scientific research jobs, which try to mitigate neuropathic pain and its symptoms.

6. Meetings to Share Experiences and Workshops:

Under the guidance of doctors of the Scientific Committee, workshops are organized where individuals who suffer from these illnesses, their family members, and any other person related directly or indirectly with them can share their experiences.

7. Daily Assistance for Members:

The association provides patients and their family members with the information necessary to carry out any kind of query. The hours for personal assistance are Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays, and depend on the availability of our volunteers, because all members of our entity ARE VOLUNTEERS.

8. Agreements and alliances

with other legally established national and international associations, federations, or foundations, which provide support to individuals with illnesses, have been created in order to act collectively for the benefit of family members and patients who suffer from craniomandibular disorders, orofacial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, and neuropathic pain. Many illnesses exist that include neuropathic pain as one of their symptoms.

9. Member Legal Consultancy for Labor Issues. (LABORAL ISSUES ONLY):

There are many people who suffer from these illnesses, and they often have labor or family problems. In many cases the pain is incapacitating, affects quality of life, and impedes the development of a normal life at work, home, and in society in general. These illnesses have varying degrees and, in some cases of acute pain, patients need to take intermittent leaves from work, as they are unable to do their habitual functions. Members that need to do so may schedule their first consultation free-of-charge without any obligation to our legal consultancy. Our association has established agreements regarding attorney fees in order to offer a network of the best law firms and attorneys.

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